Big Data from a Start-up perspective

We like working with start-ups. It is possible that start-up projects have the most to gain from Big Data techniques. If you are a start-up with a big data problem then get in touch. We want to talk to you even if you aren't in a position to take on a big consultancy. 

"...big data is about opportunity -- the opportunity to learn from your company's data in order to make smarter business decisions. And while it may come as no surprise that large, enterprise companies are taking advantage of the opportunity that big data affords, some entrepreneurs may not know that small businesses can do the same." - Entrepreneur.


Alephant is, unashamedly, a small business working in and with Big Data. It used to be that big datasets were the preserve of big companies. Now, with ever-increasing publicly available datasets, and with websites generating user logs, and with the Internet of Things (IoT: web-enabled devices with sensors and other forms of monitoring capacity) even small businesses can rapidly find themselves in a position to need to consider big data solutions. Indeed, some entrepreneurs with big ideas need to consider big data from the outset (app developers, and many web-based concepts). Fortunately, because Hadoop (our Big Data solution of choice) is open-source and because it can be run on out-of-the-box hardware, or on a suitably specced Cloud set-up, it is within reach of smaller budgets. 

We have a long history in systems architecture, working more recently in big data, and specialising even more recently in Hadoop Integration (Hadoop's initial release was, after all, only in the latter part of 2007). As such, Alephant is the ideal partner for a pre-launch or incubating business project that has, or may have, Big Data requirements.

We love talking about Big Data, but we will talk about more traditional databases and related architecture if that's what your business needs.

We are not in this business to sell you a particular product or service (see our page on ethical sales), we are here to advise you on what side of the big data divide your project should be, and how best to proceed once that important distinction has been made.

We know what it's like to be a small business with big data requirements, and we want you to benefit from our experience, rather than learning lessons the hard (and invariably expensive) way.


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