Smoke-Testing Cloudera CDH install

by Alex McLintock and Alan Duval of, Sept 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide you with some basic tests to confirm that the Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (CDH) is installed and functioning to some extent. It is NOT a full benchmark test suite.

As such, we presume that you have completed your own install, possibly by following our previous post, Doing the Install: Cloudera CDH5.12 on CentOS7.3



Doing the Install: Cloudera CDH5.12 on CentOS7.3

by Alex McLintock and Alan Duval of, Sept 2017


This documentation has been put together to detail the process that one might undertake to install CDH5.12 on CentOS7.3. As such, we follow a particular path through Cloudera's latest install documentation, noting throughout which documents we are referencing, and which decisions we have taken.


Preparing to install Cloudera CDH

by Alex McLintock and Alan Duval of, Sept 2017


This page describes the steps you need to go through to prepare some machines for installing Cloudera Manager and CDH. This has been written and tested assuming you are installing Cloudera Manager/CDH 5.12 on a cluster of machines with clean installs of CentOS 7.3.

If you haven't already, you may want to read the introduction to this series: Installing Cloudera Hadoop on CentOS/RedHat


Better Hive UI for Ambari

If you are a Hadoop user with Hortonworks or several other distributions then you may be using Ambari for Hadoop admin and Hive as an SQL server. Hive has never had a terribly good UI with most things being done through the command line and its own flavour of SQL. However there is a new Ambari plugin for Hive which looks quite interesting and easier to use: Read more at


An MVP by any other name

I was struggling trying to explain what *I* meant by an MVP - a Minimum Viable Product - and Alan found this cool cartoon to explain a clearer variant on the phrase...

It is a cartoon poster based on the idea of different types of MVP to achieve different things... .



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