Our Services

We are Big Data Consultants who help companies to start their Big Data story.

Hadoop Architecture

We are Hortonworks and Cloudera partners and are experienced with their distributions of Hadoop. We can evaluate your needs and if necessary recommend technology solutions

Hadoop Proof of Concepts

We can build prototype Hadoop systems to demonstrate Big Data solutions working on your data.

C-Level training

We explain Big Data concepts and help get techies, data scientists and management all on the same page.

Why choose us

You can choose one of the big Hadoop companies and pay a fortune for the privilege, but if you are London based they will probably be using people like us.
  • Experienced in the range of Hortonworks Data Platform and Cloudera Enterprise .
  • No need to engage an expensive consultancy.
  • No need to use a contractor full time - SME on Demand option available.
  • Experience in Text Analytics at scale.
  • Ethical Sales - if you don't need us to help you with a Big Data solution we won't push one to you

Better Hive UI for Ambari

If you are a Hadoop user with Hortonworks or several other distributions then you may be using Ambari for Hadoop admin and Hive as an SQL server. Hive has never had a terribly good UI with most things being done through the command line and its own flavour of SQL. However there is a new Ambari plugin for Hive which looks quite interesting and easier to use: Read more at https://hortonworks.com/blog/3-great-reasons-to-try-hive-view-2-0/


An MVP by any other name

I was struggling trying to explain what *I* meant by an MVP - a Minimum Viable Product - and Alan found this cool cartoon to explain a clearer variant on the phrase...

It is a cartoon poster based on the idea of different types of MVP to achieve different things... .

Article: http://blog.crisp.se/2015/03/04/jimmyjanlen/something-agile-lean-something-posters-on-agile-and-lean-concepts-and-techniques 


AntSocial Survey Terms and Conditions

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